Perkins EST (Electronic Service Tool) 2010A

Perkins EST (Electronic Service Tool) 2010A
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Product features
Type:Diagnostic software
Region:All regions
Disk:1 CD
Product description

Perkins EST (Electronic Service Tool) 2010A - Software for Analyzing, Diagnostics, Calibration & Reprogramming

Perkins EST is used for diagnostics of engines Perkins according to the protocol J1939 and configuring the system parameters. The diagnostic tool works on the basis of Bluetooth connection with EBM engines and FG Wilson Powerwizard control board.
Diagnostic set Perkins EST includes:

  • cable USB;
  • CD with software;
  • diagnostic cables.

Perkins EST performs such functions:

  • reads and resets of active registered diagnostic codes of errors DTC;
  • performs diagnostic tests;
  • performs calibrations;
  • prints reports and diagnostic results.

Perkins EST runs on a PC or laptop with OS Win XP/Vista/7/8.

Perkins EST is an original product which includes all necessary data due to the type of automotive catalog (repair manual, spare part catalog or diagnostic software/hardware). User receives high quality technical support after installation of the software on PC.

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